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Producing Credits

My experience in the film industry as a producer has nearly outweighed my experience as an actor on set. I have worked on many different projects, with different directors and teams, including my own self produced projects. I have found the best way to get anything done, is to do it yourself. I have fully produced several different projects over the last 5 years.

Be Wary The Wind ( 2022 )

Horror-drama short film

Post Production

Three Scoundrels Productions in collaboration with Hissyfitfilms, with director Jesse Anholt and I producing, we teamed up to produce this awesome short film. We shot this film over 3 days on the waterfront of the LI Sound. We spent months planning this production, and raised funds through Indiegogo to support the budget.

Team Members:

Mike Kniazev ( Cinematographer )

Lindsey Recanati ( Sound )

Mark ( Gaffer )

Tucker Lewis ( 1st AD )

Len Nask ( 2nd AD )

Jesse Anholt ( Director )

Noam ( Producer )

Kyle Mcmilhone ( Producer )

Alexander Buttler ( Producer )

( add producers here )

Bryan James Hamilton ( Executive Producer )

Lindsey Dresbach ( Actress )

Andra Johnson ( Makeup )


Horror-thriller short film

Completed Festival Circuit ( 4 selections )

PYSCHO Analysis 





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